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Here is a listing of well known manufacturers and their popular scale r/c models that can be bought at LHS and online rc shops.

Photo of remote controlled helicopters flying in the backyard.
Flying high in the backyard!

Companies/Manufacturers of Remote Control Helicopters
Here are popular companies that produce good scale r/c model helis and can be seen regularly advertising their products in magazines: 1. Kyosho  2. Raptor  3. Walkera  4. SmarTech  5. Sceadu  6. Piccolo  7. GWS  8. Global  9. Heli-Max  10. JR.

Here are some of the models frequently searched for and talked about in helicopter forums: 1. Dragonfly  2. Kyosho Caliber M24  3. Hirobo Lama.

You can buy the popular Dragonfly, Kyosho Caliber M24, and Hirobo Lama remote control helicopters for sale at local hobby shops or online stores...

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